Process safety risks come in many forms, have varied origins and effects and also manifest themselves during the entire lifecycle of the operation.
In order to assure the integrity of their operations, organisations should implement and manage the different categories of control measures that have been identified during the risk assessment activities to ensure process safety risks remain tolerable.

Robust risk management systems sustain longterm, incident-free, and profitable operations:

  • Operation of facilities within established parameters and operating according to legislation is an essential aspect of process safety
  • Comprehensive process and operational status monitoring and effective handover between work groups are essential to assure the continued integrity of the organisation's operations
  • Operational interfaces with third parties, who provide or receive services, utilities, or products may impact the organisation's operations
  • Process safety performance is enhanced by using robust standards and safe working practices
  • The introduction of any form of change into an organisation, if not appropriately managed, can significantly increase the levels of process safety risk
  • The commissioning and start-up of new, modified or existing plant and equipment is a high risk operation that needs tp be managed appropriately
  • The consequences of an incident can be significantly reduced if the organisation is appropriately prepared to handle potential emergency situations
  • Maintaining the integrity of plant and equipment is an essential requirement for ensuring process safety
  • An essential requirement for process safety is that safety critical equipment and devices are in service and operating correctly
  • The execution of maintenance and project work activities, if not appropriately managed, can significantly increase the levels of process safety risk
  • Third parties doing work on the organisation's behalf may impact its operations and its reputation

AMOG can boost your process safety performance by providing a variety of process safety risk managements services such as:

  • Management of Change
  • Management of Safety Critical Elements
  • Performance Standards
  • Control of Works
  • Asset Integrity
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Operational Readiness
  • Human Factors Engineering
  • Contractor Management