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Integrity Management

Central to Asset Integrity Management (AIM) programmes for facilities/assets is the understanding all of the risks (threats) to ongoing production, and managing them through a range of mitigations including design, monitoring, inspection, and contingency planning. 

AMOG integrity management focuses on a formalised and consistent structure that outlines a program of monitoring and maintenance to optimise running costs, whilst minimising downtime, and maximising operational integrity from the view of:

  • Safety
  • Environmental impact
  • Operational fitness-for-purpose
  • Quality Management

AMOG’s expertise in advanced numerical analyses, model testing, and experience in both offshore operations and mining enables us to offer an efficient, accurate and reliable framework for the integrity management of whole subsea systems (including mooring, riser, umbilical, hull and ancillary equipment) as well as mining bulk handling equipment.

The benefits of a whole system integrated management philosophy are:

  • Reduction in the cost of inspection and maintenance
  • Optimisation of system uptime and reliability
  • Provide framework for implementation of remedial actions
  • Increase confidence in System Integrity
  • ANSYS joint mes Integrity management
  • AC04 200 E01.12 Rio Rail Mounted Integrity Management 1

AMOG is able to support clients by offering the following services relating to Asset Integrity Management:

  • Development of Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and maintenance plan
  • System failure prediction and assessment
  • Identification of failure mechanisms
  • Fatigue and residual life assessment
  • Condition monitoring, instrumentation and inspection
  • Development of emergency response plans
  • Development of Risk Registers