AMOG uses advanced structural analysis capabilities and leading edge materials corrosion knowledge to develop remediation and life extension schemes for degraded or aged steel and aluminium structures, both onshore and offshore.

Our experience in these areas extends to the initial inspection and condition assessment of structures, assessment of load cycles and fatigue damage rates. It includes determining rates of corrosion progression, development of cathodic protection schemes, analysis of residual strength, design of repair and refurbishment schemes, design and setup of instrumentation systems, and development of systems for through life integrity management.

AMOG offers the following metal life structures life extension and remedial engineering services:

  • Development of inspection schemes for condition assessment
  • Design, setup and operation of load monitoring systems
  • Assessment of residual strength of degraded structures
  • Assessment of corrosion damage accumulation and corrosion in harsh environments
  • Assessment of fatigue life from operational, environmental and thermal loads
  • Development of cathodic protection schemes
  • Development of targeted structural refurbishment and inspection schemes
  • Specification of long term inspection and condition monitoring programs
  • Development of risk bases structural integrity management systems

AMOG is also the Australian agent for the CrackFirst fatigue sensor system