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Joint Industry Projects (JIP)

With investment in research being central to what we do, AMOG has established a number of Joint Industry Projects (JIPs), where we partner with global organisations to undertake industry-leading research. JIPs use our market leading expertise in analysis, modelling, research and cutting edge technology to advance the body of knowledge available in key fields. 

AMOG has established a number of JIPs including: 

  • SCORCH JIP (Seawater COrrosion Of Ropes & CHains)
  • Chain FEARS JIP (Finite Element Analysis of Residual Strength for severely corroded/worn chains ) 
  • Chain WEAR JIP (Development in predicting the long term wear of mooring chain links in operating mooring systems) 
  • WIPMIC JIP (Water Injection Pipe Microbiologically Induced Corrosion) 
  • Squall Mooring JIP (Developing improved design practices for single point moored FPSOs, and tandem offtake tankers, subject to squall front loading) 
  • ROME JIP (ROpe Magnetic imaging) 

In addition, we are also investigating JIPs in the following areas:

  • Umbilical Dampening JIP (Impact of VIV on umbilical systems) 
  • Blocking Compound JIP
  • Hose Life JIP
  • Birdcage JIP (Investigation of bird-cage formation of steel wire mooring ropes for; residual strength, fatigue endurance and improved design practices for prediction & avoidance) 

AMOG is also involved in the following joint industry projects:

  • ACARP (Australian Coal Association Research Project) 
  • DeepStar Riser VIV Projects 
  • DeepStar Mooring Integrity Management JIP