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Latest News

AMOG's WharfWise technology has been awarded a High Commendation in the SME Category at Indo Pacific's 2023 Innovation Awards. 

Following the competitive Phase 1 of EuropeWave’s Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) programme, five wave energy projects have been selected to develop their concepts further in the next phase, including AMOG's Sea-Saw WEC. 

AMOG is proud to announce that MIT passed the management and control of the SHEAR7 JIP to AMOG earlier this year. The SHEAR7 JIP is arguably the offshore industry’s longest running JIP (Joint Industry Project) and arguably MIT’s longest running industry sponsored research program, having run for ~30 years under the stewardship of Professor Kim Vandiver.

AMOG is pleased to announce the successful completion of Model Testing of the Sea-Saw Wave Energy Converter (WEC) at the FloWave circular tank facility within the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. The tests took place as part of the EuropeWave Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) programme.

AMOG and sowento have signed an MoU to deliver a holistic FOWT monitoring solution to improve integrity, insurability, and reduce operation costs.

AMOG is delivering expertise in dynamic cable analysis, including utilisation of the industry-leading Vortex-Induced Vibration (VIV) software, SHEAR7 to Hellenic Cables.