In an ever growing residential expansion and competition for land, Councils, Shires and Port Authorities across Australia are constantly faced with the challenge of balancing the needs of industry, the needs of the community and the interests of safety. This is usually achieved through land use planning policies and separation distances between sensitive land users and potentially harmful offsite effects caused by uncontrolled releases of dangerous goods or hazardous chemicals.

For these reasons, Councils, Shires and Port Authorities require businesses which manufacture, store, transport or handle dangerous goods or hazardous chemicals to adhere to a range of regulations relevant to their area. For new or modified establishments they often require businesses to demonstrate appropriate design considerations and engineering controls, as well as acceptable levels of offsite risk, compatible with the surrounding land use.

AMOG has extensive experience in all facets of land use planning, having assisted both businesses and land authorities. Some of our services include:

  • Assessment of Offsite Risk
  • Design Reviews
  • Development of Council Applications
  • Review of Development Applications
  • Legal and Expert Witness