The XGR System (formerly known as the X-Piles System) is used for the repair of degraded piles in the marine environment, including:

  • Steel closed section piles
  • Concrete piles, square piles, round or polygonal sections
  • timber piles

The XGR System is a complete structural repair system that allows the original strength of the pile to be fully or partially restored (depending on your requirements) and provides protection against post-installation damage. This repair technology relies upon transmitting the load from the sound parts of a pile (or riser) into an external steel tubular sleeve. The steel sleeve is fitted around the region of the of the pile, and a specially designed cementitious grout mix is injected into the void between the steel sleeve and the pile. This grout provides a highly alkaline environment and inhibits further corrosion of the surface of the pile.

Ideally suited for restoring or enhancing the strength of piles, the XGR System, can also serve to significantly extend the useful service life of marine piles and risers in terms of improved fatigue endurance, as well as restoring loss of load bearing material area (from impact, corrosion, spalling, or borers).

Originally designed for steel piles weakened by corrosion or damage from vessel impact, or fatigue degradation (such as Vortex-Induced Vibration (VIV)), adaptions of this technology also enable its use to be extended to coastal and offshore maritime structures such as conductors, caissons, and risers.