AMOG can assist mining equipment designers and operators with the management of machine integrity through all stages of the plant life cycle. Through the application of advanced structural and dynamic analysis techniques, the reliability and production of equipment can be improved, replacement intervals for machine components extended, and the remaining life in aged equipment assessed and extended.

AMOG provides technical services, innovative products and governance for full life-cycle asset management.

Key services include: 

  • Application to fixed plant, mobile machinery, process plant, rail and rolling stock, rotating machinery, power generation, port and marine infrastructure
  • Third party design audits
  • Specification of manufacturing and QA/QC requirements
  • Mechanical plant reliability, availability and maintenance optimisation (e.g. RAM, RCM)
  • Structural plant maintenance optimisation (e.g. RBI)
  • Smart condition monitoring, automated asset health and performance prediction to reduce inspection requirements
  • Innovative products and software for measurement, monitoring and damage prediction
  • Failure investigation and root cause analysis
  • End-of-life and life extension assessment for capital planning
  • Assessment and re-design for change of use and upgrade of assets
  • Specialist knowledge and skills in structural, mechanical and piping systems, wire ropes, corrosion and fatigue