"I began a Bachelor of Engineering at Monash University in 2011, choosing to major in Mechanical Engineering. As a student, the idea of moving into a workplace is very daunting. University teaches you a great deal but it doesn’t fully prepare you for getting a job in the engineering industry.

As a student, this job has been of great benefit to both my studies, and my development as a professional. It has given me the opportunity to learn new skills and challenge myself with several difficult tasks and projects. One of these projects involved lengthy programming to be able to predict vessel motion using statistical data. With little experience in programming, this presented a great challenge. It gave me the opportunity to push myself, and I am now proficient in RStudio, a program I had never used before. Furthermore, it gave me the chance to learn about how vessels are effected by different ocean conditions, how statistical data can be used to predict fatigue life and the uses of different numerical modelling methods.

My work at AMOG as a Vacation Student also gave me the chance to take on an industry based final year project with them."

Madeleine worked at AMOG's office in Melbourne as Vacation Student in the summer of 2004/15 and went on to the AMOG Graduate Program. Her final year project was further developed into a technical paper, presented at an international engineering conference. Madeleine is now a Senior Engineer at AMOG.