"From an early age I was fortunate enough to realise that I wanted to be an engineer. AMOG provided me with 12 weeks of experience working as a vacation student amongst the professional engineers.

During my twelve weeks, I worked on two different projects that could not have been more varied; the first was a small study of the forces that would be imposed on a deck structure and introduced me to the use of Australian Standards, calculation of forces imposed on surfaces exposed to flow, and a comparison of those forces and moments to the design limits of the structure; the second project I worked on offered an opportunity to dive deep into the technical details of ship anchors and their behaviour in soils and rocks. 

The experience I gained from working as a vacation student was broad. Not only did I learn technical skills and see how they are applied in a pragmatic and efficient way, but I also learned a great deal about the work place in general. AMOG was an excellent place to do vacation work, so much so that in fact at the end of my vacation experience I applied for a full time position with AMOG after my final year of university and AMOG gave me the job. I recommend that anyone looking for vacation work consider applying at AMOG for the same opportunity."

Daniel worked at AMOG's office in Melbourne as Vacation Student in the summer of 2009/10. He is now a Principal Engineer and the Team Lead of the Systems and Safety Engineering Group at AMOG. He has also co-authored a number of published technical papers.