AMOG is able to provide riser system design verification services to clients by combining our expertise in riser system design with our associated capabilities in mooring system design, offshore structural design and general naval architecture and hydrodynamics analysis of floating offshore structures. 

AMOG is able to perform detailed dynamic analyses for multiple line systems using state-of-the-art cable dynamics packages OrcaFlex, Riflex and Flexcom, complemented by mooring design tools such as AQWA and Ariane, VIV analysis tool SHEAR7, and a variety of other in-house software tools. 

AMOG is able to analyse a range of riser systems including: flexible risers, top-tensioned risers, steel catenary risers, hybrid risers, and single leg offset risers. 

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AMOG is able to provide riser system design verification services via expert technical review of design documentation and independent global riser system analysis. Our broad capabilities include: 

  • AMOG is recognised as an industry leader in Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV) including; analysis of riser VIV, Vortex Induced Motion (VIM) of cylindrical structures (including Spars and RTMs) and riser wake interference 
  • Detailed structural review and hydrodynamic performance assessments of subsea structures including Mid Depth Buoys (MDBs) 
  • Detailed structural review of riser system accessaries, including buoyancy modules, bend stiffeners, latch mechanisms and riser clamps 
  • Detailed assessment of bend stiffener design, in particular the effect on riser system performance of internal/external temperature variation and the non-linear properties of polyurethane bend stiffeners 
  • Detailed assessment of the impact of internal riser contents on system performance, in particular riser contents temperature variation and slugging 
  • Formulating riser integrity management plans, including through life assessment of the riser system condition and performance 
  • Providing expert interpretation and review of the design metocean conditions as appropriate for riser system design 
  • Detailed understanding of coupled mooring and riser system behaviour, and identifying the correct implementation of vessel motions for riser system design 
  • Providing our clients support in riser delivery management 
  • Providing our clients installation strategy support

For more information on AMOG's riser verification services, please contact our US office.