In addition to our formal courses, AMOG also conducts traning programmes that may be tailored to be industry and/or company specific.

Some of the training that we have offered to clients includes:

  • Container Inspection Course
  • Training in the use of SHEAR7 software
  • Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV) Training Workshops
  • Risk Assessment Workshops (for Senior Management Teams as well as Safety Engineers)

In addition, AMOG directly supports a number of industry bodies and research societies, presenting regularly at workshops and conferences around the world.

 AMOG has also developed training modules and undertaken comprehensive industry training including: 

  • Monash University Offshore Engineering Program Subsea Pipeline Risks & Risk Assessment 
  • Risk Assessment for Offshore Platforms 
  • Analysis of Flexible Riser Systems 
  • Safety & Reliability of Offshore Structures 
  • Safety & Reliability of Offshore Systems 
  • Offshore Concrete Structures 
  • Towing and Installation of Offshore Concrete Platforms 
  • Offshore Pipelines 
  • Development of Offshore Oil & Gas Fields 
  • Offshore Facility – Development Options 
  • Design, Construction and Installation of Steel Jacket Structures 
  • Development of Oil & Gas Fields 
  • Scale Physical Model Testing for Offshore Facilities 

As well as being involved In the development of specialised training courses such as: 

  • Monash University LITE (Leaders in a Technological Environment) Program - Training in Critical Thinking 
  • Systems Safety Training for the Airforce and Defence Forces 
  • Hawse & Hoses FPSO Operations for Oil Companies 
  • IBC FPSO Master Class 
  • Hawse & Hoses Training Courses for BHP