Category: Innovation, Research and Development

AMOG Technologies was awarded a High Commendation, recognising the company's innovative LGS technology.

Longitudinally Grooved Suppression (LGS) technology is a unique patented geometry that is set to revolutionise the offshore drilling industry.

Inspired by a previous study of the saguaro cacti, LGS has been tested by AMOG Technologies Pty Ltd for application to the offshore oil and gas industry's Drilling Riser Buoyancy Modules 9DRBMs). The 2-tiered iterative testing campaign illustrated ~30% reduction un drag forces on drilling risers (with no loss of buoyancy), reduced dynamic fatigue loading, and suppression of vortex-induced vibration (VIV).

LGS has the potential to deliver improved uptime and safety for offshore personnel, and annual savings of up to USD$12M per rig.