AMOG performed the detailed design and specification of landing pontoons for a terminal in Queensland, Australia. This scope of work included:

  • Definition of the environmental conditions for the purpose of design, including numerical modelling of wave penetration into the bay to determine the local metocean climate
  • Conducting a water circulations study to identify the potential for stagnation of water within the bay and the ability of the bay to circulate and flush water from run-off
  • Preliminary naval architectural and structural design of the landing pontoons, which included:
    • Calculation of the required pontoon sizes and design of the watertight subdivisions based on predicted operational loadings and intact and damaged stability analyses
    • Assessment of the hydrodynamic wave and current loads acting on the pontoons
    • Selection of the pontoon materials based on minimising cost whilst achieving sufficient structural integrity to withstand the hydrodynamic loads
    • Assessment of relative motions between the pontoon and a typical ferry vessel to assess operability and safety in elevated seas
  • Detailed design of the landing pontoon, mooring piles and walkways and handrails
  • Specification of concrete grades and fabrication