With the steady growth in the offshore renewable energy sector, focus needs to be on the best way to convert and transport energy from the ocean to the grid. The subsea cables that enable this, are one of the most complex and expensive parts of any offshore wind energy project.

Aligned with AMOG, Hellenic Cables' strong committent to innovation, technological excellence and outstanding quality, has seen the two companies working together in the area of dynamic cable assessments over the last few months.

AMOG is delivering expertise in dynamic cable analysis, including utilisation of the industry-leading Vortex-Induced Vibration (VIV) software, SHEAR7. Proven numerical analysis techniques, combined with engineering experience and best practices from relevant codes, will deliver assessments of lead sheath dynamic power cables in a given offshore wind power cable span. In turn, this modelling will allow Hellenic Cables to better understand the impact of environmental conditions including water depth and metocean, on tensions and fatigue.