AMOG will be presenting two technical papers at the 23rd SNAME Offshore Symposium in Houston, TX, on February 14, 2018. Project Engineer with AMOG Consulting Inc, Phillip Kurts, will be presenting on both the The Efficacy of Inverted Helical Strakes, and the Optimization of Calm Buoy Export Terminal Availability.

In the offshore industry, the search for efficient geometries to utilize on Drilling Riser Buoyancy Modules (DRBMs) for drag and Vortex-Induced Vibration (VIV) reduction has introduced a number of solutions, including Inverted Helical Strakes (IHS). Typically, during high current events the drag on a drilling riser is a function of the VIV amplitudes generated, and the resulting drag amplification. AMOG's paper on The Efficacy of Inverted Helical Strakes provides a critical review of the existing literature and presents the results of water channel tests performed by the authors on various embodiments of inverted helical strakes in both fixed and free vibration modes.

AMOG's paper on Optimization of Calm Buoy Export Terminal Availability presents a method for evaluating the design of export terminals based on simulated decision making. This method facilitates understanding key parameters  for the terminal such as production requirements, storage capacity, export operation limits and offloading rates. The outputs of the analysis are suitable for risk based analysis of the effect of changes to terminal design.


Session Details:

Paper: The Efficacy of Inverted Helical Strakes

Session: Morning Session 1 : Hydrodynamics

Location: Pecan Room

Presenter: Phillip Kurts, AMOG Consulting Inc


Paper: Optimization of Calm Buoy Export Terminal Availability

Session: Morning Session 3 : Design and Operations

Location: Red Oak Ballroom A

Presenter: Phillip Kurts, AMOG Consulting Inc


A full copy of the agenda can be found here


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