Over the past few years, a number of major failures of the mooring system on offshore oil floating production facilities have occurred, resulting in significant production and financial loss, whilst fortuitously avoiding environmental damage. 

Delivered by the Institute of Asset Management (IAM), AMOG's Director of Offshore, Chris Carra, will be presenting at the 2017 Asset Management Conference in London, UK (21-22 November) to talk about the journey the offshore industry has recently undergone in relation to a fundamental rethink of the approach to mooring integrity. His presentation will address the key aspects of this approach; demonstrated through the use of a real-world case study. Chris will also discuss how the principles in the approach to mooring integrity have been transferred to applications in other industries, in particular the mining industry, and the lessons for emergent industries such as the offshore renewable energy sector, mining equipment, and transport infrastructure.

Chris Carra will be presenting on Day Two of the Asset Management Conference (Wednesday 22nd November) in the 11:55am Session. For more information, please see the Asset Management Conference 2017 Programme.


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