Written and presented by AMOG's engineers; specialists in the area of System Safety Engineering, this 5-day course focuses on the management of the System Safety Program and the interface with the Engineering Project life-cycle. 

The focus is on the development and maintenance of the Safety Case, explored using specialised tools such as GSN. The SSE Management Master Class looks at the tools and techniques required for risk reduction as well as the influence of Software and Human Factors on the safety argument. Topics such as Legislative Compliances, Duty of Care and ALARP Arguments are explored as well as the role of domain specified regulatory standards.

Participants generally have four or more years of expereince, and come from a range of engineering specialisations including Aerospace, Civil Maritime, Construction, Consulting, Defence, Electrical Utilities, Offshore Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Power and Transport.

For more information, you can find details about the course on this website. Alternatively, you can contact AMOG or register directly with EEA.