The next SSE Application Course will be held in Melbourne, from 18-22 May 2015. Places are limited so please contact us now to secure your spot

Written and presented by AMOG's engineers; specialists in the area of System Safety Engineering, this 5-day course is designed for anyone involved in the design, maintenance, operation and/or management of systems or equipment with potential safety implications.

The focus os on the practical application of theory through the extensive use of examples and workshops and includes topics such as:

  • Hazard identification and assessment techniques (e.g. E&TA, FMECA, FFA, FTA and ETA)
  • The creation and management of Hazard Logs and Hazard Tracking Systems
  • Conducting Quantitative Risk Assessments, Probability distributions and parameter estimation
  • Performing Safety Integrity Level (SIL) determinations and verifications
  • Review of specialised analysis such as Zonal and Common Cause
  • Risk management, reliability and risk acceptance
  • HAZID and HAZOP study techniques; roles, processes and outcomes

For more information, please contact AMOG using the Contact Us page on this website or phone us on +61 3 9542 3700.