The role of OE is multi-faceted and requires an independent organisation with very high technical capabilities and a detailed resume with plenty of prior experience.

AMOG’s foundation was the offshore oil and gas sector and, since 1991, the company has worked with top tier global companies; owners and operators alike.

From economic and field modelling and architecture, through to detailed design and analysis (including specialised areas such as moorings, pipelines and cables, and risers), AMOG can apply engineering discipline around project management, installation supervision, integrity management, and safety assessments.

Whether the aim is design optimisation to maximise return on investment, or life extension of existing infrastructure, AMOG’s owner engineering services cover the asset lifecycle from pre-feasibility, through Pre-FEED, FEED, and to detailed design and installation. Our staff and services can be deployed for structural, naval architecture, risk and safety, or installation support services, on offshore sites from shallow water jackets to deepwater FPSOs.

How do we deliver all of this?

AMOG stays at the leading edge by maintaining close affiliations with the world’s leading universities, and is actively involved in driving and pursuing both in-house and funded research projects. In addition, we perform design analyses using advanced numerical techniques and state of the art software, some of it developed in-house in order to meet the requirements of more challenging fields. For example, our experience in the areas of moorings and riser design and installation, is supported by our expertise in Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV) and the development and maintenance of SHEAR7. SHEAR7 is the offshore industry’s leading software tool for the prediction of VIV, and was developed in conjunction with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA.