A Safety Case is the means of demonstrating that an activity or operation will be safe and without undue risks to people or property and that all practicable steps have occurred to ensure this. The concept of a Safety Case is enshrined in Australian legislation and is supported by ABR6303 and AAP7001.054.

The development of an appropriate scope and content for a safety case is a critical task and requires a thorough understanding of the overall safety intent and activities. It is essential to define and establish a robust safety case early on in the development program to ensure suitably qualified evidence is generated and gathered to support and justify the final safety case argument.

AMOG has extensive experience in the development of complete Safety Cases or alternatively is well placed to assist in:

  • The overarching safety case argument structure
  • The development and auditing of Safety Management Systems
  • Developing supporting arguments that all hazards have been adequately addressed and relevant safety requirements met
  • Providing guidance and rationale for safety assessment methods and criteria employed
  • Effective management in the production and management of Objective Quality Evidence (OQE)
  • Providing expertise in current regulatory compliance levels and justification for any associated deficiencies

AMOG has assisted clients in different sectors to develop safety cases for regulatory approval:

  • Onshore Major Hazard Facilities (MHFs)
  • Rail
  • Defence
  • Offshore Accomodation Vessels
  • Offshore drilling and production vessels and platforms
  • Offshore pipelines and cables