AMOG has extensive experience in the design, specification and analysis of CALM Buoy and other Offloading/Export Systems. AMOG is able to assist in the maximisation of export system performance through sophisticated design and uptime analyses, using advanced numerical techniques and state-of-the-art software, across all phases from concept design through to operations.

AMOG's expertise covers a wide range of issues including: the design and installation of mooring and riser systems across the full range of water depths; coupled mooring behaviour of offloading vessels and support vessels; dynamic behaviour of floating and submarine hoses; CALM Buoy swivel systems; and the capability to accurately model metocean and operational criteria in the determination of uptime availability assessments. Our expertise in coupled systems behaviour combined with a detailed understanding of the performance of both unbounded and bonded flexible hose structures allows AMOG to provide solutions to problems experienced on existing systems. AMOG has also designed and supplied CALM Buoy hawser strength and fatigue load monitoring systems and software.

Services provided by AMOG include:

  • System configuration selection including detailed uptime/availability studies for tandem and side-to-side berthing arrangements
  • Advanced design and analysis of mooring, berthing and riser systems
  • Design and analysis of CALM Buoys, hawsers, export fluid swivels, PLEMs
  • Integrity management system development including IM strategy, specifications and detailed inspection work pack development
  • Inspection management including site supervision, review of inspection findings and evaluation of identified anomalies
  • Failure investigation and rectification engineering
  • Life extension of existing systems