AMOG specialises in maintenance optimisation for mining machinery and equipment with the application of Risk Based Inspection (RBI) techniques.

Through the understanding of key degradation mechanisms and credible failure modes, AMOG is able to determine how machine history, control settings and operation affect structural integrity. Using RBI to target critical locations on an asset can reduce machine downtime for maintenance by scheduling inspections  at intervals based on the individual asset's health and performance over time. Inspection findings can be used to focus future inspections and extend inspection intervals by providing feedback on uncertainties in fatigue damage and corrosion/wear predictions, thus reducing the cost of inspection programs.

In addition, AMOG can use RBI to identify critical controls for managing machine integrity, improve operation performance of the machine, and investigate life extension of the asset. Our experience with RBI can be applied to existing machinery, used to incorporate learning from current RBI programs, and be tailored to complement existing processes for asset management and functional safety management.

This knowledge can also be applied to the procurement of new machines and assets or to identify critical spares and critical skills.

AMOG has RBI experience across a number of different machine types and ages, with significantly different utilization, different OEMs, and machines designed to  different industry codes.


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