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Field Economics & Economic Studies

AMOG is able to provide due diligence reviews for offshore development options and proposed concepts in the area of field economics, as well as availability, uptime analyses and concept level studies for port and shipbuilding facility developments.

Whist these reviews are typically undertaken for investment companies they may also extend to include reviews of engineering conducted by others. AMOG can provide expert advice on concept feasibility, detailed engineering, CAPEX, OPEX, uptime and availability, and scheduling.

Through our network of external associates, AMOG is able to readily assemble an appropriate team of consultants with relevant experience and expertise to service clients on a range of subject matters.

AMOG is able to support clients by offering the following services:

  • Total estimated project costs
  • Project scheduling
  • Feasibility of proposed concepts/facilities
  • Key areas of High Engineering Risk
  • Key drivers for Foreign Exchange Risk
  • Cash Flow estimates through the life of the project
  • Manning, Equipment and Consumable Costs for operations
  • Long Lead and High Cost Items
  • NPV estimates for various development options


In the case of field economics, AMOG is able to undertake field prospect and economic evaluation using in-house databases and facility sizing tools, along with the industry leading cost estimation package QUE$TOR® OFFSHORE.

These studies, in conjunction with AMOG's uptime availability prediction capabilities allow us to undertake detailed economic analyses to ascertain preferred development options.  


  • Evaluate

In assessing the economic viability of development scenarios, AMOG’s detailed economic models take into consideration: 

  • Field Characteristics (including Recoverable Reserves, Gas Oil Ratio,Water Depth)
  • Facility Design (including Oil and Gas Processing, Export Systems, Control and Communications, Power)
  • Drilling Characteristics
  • Production Profile (including Field Life, Years to Plateau, Plateau Duration, Plateau Production
  • Offshore and Onshore Field Development Concepts\Concept Layout and Characteristics (including Water Depth, Distance from Main Production Facility to Inland Terminal, Subsea and Piping Layout
  • Type and Size of Facilities (including FPSO, FSO, TLP, Fixed Jackets, GBS, Onshore Terminals)
  • Capital Expenditure – CAPEX (including Equipment Quantity / Unit Costs for Process, Power Generation, Marine Equipment, Pipelines)
  • Operating Expenditure – OPEX (including Operating Personnel, Inspection and Maintenance, Logistics, Insurance)
  • CAPEX and OPEX Profile and Scheduling
  • Engineering, Installation and Commissioning Costs
  • Sharing Agreement and Taxation
  • Project Scheduling