AMOG is able to perform detailed dynamic analyses for multiple line systems using state-of-the-art cable dynamics packages and the industry standard, benchmarked VIV prediction software, SHEAR7.

Vortex-Induced Vibrations (VIV) are vibrations caused by the natural shedding of vortices from a body exposed to flow. Offshore structures exposed to flow, particularly long slender structures, are renowned in the Oil & Gas industry for undergoing VIV which can be damaging to the structure, so much so that in some cases VIV is the dominant driver of fatigue.

AMOG has a wealth of experience analysing structures for their VIV responses and performing fatigue life predictions, calculations on drag force amplification due to VIV, as well as benchmarking common industry VIV prediction software such as SHEAR7, VIVA, and VIVANA against laboratory testing. 

AMOG is able to perform

  • Concept Definition Studies & Support
  • FEED Studies
  • Full Field Detailed Design
  • Verification Support
  • Dynamic Analysis of Riser Systems
  • Riser, Hose and Umbilical Integrity Management
  • Riser & Umbilical Ancillary Selection
  • Riser Fatigue Assessments
  • Riser Design Modification
  • Mid-Water Arch Design
  • VIV Analysis & Suppression
  • Riser Installation Analysis
  • Materials & Insulation Selection
  • Mooring / Riser Clashing Analysis