AMOG is able to provide concept level and FEED level Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operational Expenditure (OPEX) estimates for a variety of offshore systems and operations. 

AMOG's in-house databases of costs (along with the industry leading cost estimation package QUE$TOR®OFFSHORE) allows us to cost-up projects using a bottom-up approach for a wide range of offshore systems including FPSOs, FSOs, TLPs and Semi-Submersibles, analysing installation activities, abandonment, sub-sea tie backs, shore crossings, stabilisations and diving operations.


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In assessing the economic viability of various field development scenarios, AMOG’s detailed economic models take into consideration:

  • Field Characteristics (including Recoverable Reserves, Gas Oil Ratio,Water Depth.)
  • Facility Design (including Oil and Gas Processing, Export Systems, Control and Communications,Power.)
  • Drilling Characteristics
  • Production Profile (including Field Life, Years to Plateau, Plateau Duration, Plateau Production
  • Capital Expenditure – CAPEX (including Equipment Quantity / Unit Costs for Process, Power Generation,Marine Equipment,
  • Offshore and Onshore Field Development Concepts
  • Operating Expenditure – OPEX (including Operating Personnel,Inspection and Maintenance,Logistics, Insurance.)
  • Concept Layout and Characteristics (including Water Depth, Distance from Main Production Facility to Inland Terminal, Subsea and Piping Layout.
  • CAPEX and OPEX Profile and Scheduling
  • Engineering, Installation and Commissioning Costs
  • Type and Size of Facilities (including FPSO, FSO, TLP, Fixed Jackets, GBS, Onshore Terminals.)
  • Sharing Agreement and Taxation
  • Project Scheduling