AMOG Consulting is able to provide a wide range of services in relation to field architecture and subsea engineering. AMOG covers a broad range of services in this area ranging from high level layouts to account for work-over activities and dropped objects to detailed analysis of sub-sea flow line installations to well-heads. AMOG also conduct tie-in studies in which high level piping, flow-line and controls systems are developed. 

Based on previous studies AMOG Consulting is able to advise clients on:

  • Preferred Field Architecture Based on Risk Drivers
  • Key Risk Drivers Affecting Field Layout
  • Risk Reduction Mitigation Methods
  • Stabilisation Requirements of Sub-Sea Equipment
  • Control Pod & Umbilical Requirements
  • Foundation & Skit Requirements for Sub-Sea Equipment
  • Model Testing of Dropped & Dragged Objects
  • Field Layout Design & Drawings