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Battery-powered electric mining vehicles are proven to be an increasingly-favoured and attractive solution for sustainable operations. Many mine sites are switching from diesel to electric powered vehicles. The switch to electric results in less vehicle maintenance, a cleaner working environment and reduced underground ventilation costs. The use of conventional diesel powered vehicles underground places additional demands on ventilation, as poor ventilation can expose personnel to adverse health issues including black lung or cancer.

Switching to electric vehicles reduces or eliminates airborne diesel particulates and exhaust emissions, and therefore reduces underground air dilution which improves safety and saves on ventilation costs.

However, as with any new technology endeavour, the associated risks of such a transition are not always maturely understood, risk-assessed and controlled.

ERDF Landscape

AMOG Dynamic Power Testing Project - Offshore Cornwall.

June 2019 and AMOG is very excited to have receive notification from Cornwall Development Company Ltd that European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Marine Challenge Fund has approved further investment in AMOG's WEC Technology Demonstrator Field Trial and Dynamic Power Testing Project.

- Mooring lines can fail at any time - the failures are not always obvious but the consequences are significant

- The offshore energy industry averages 4 mooring line failures per year(1,2)

- Ongoing monitoring using a trained and proven system can detect failures earlier so owners and operators can react in time

The role of OE is multi-faceted and requires an independent organisation with very high technical capabilities and a detailed resume with plenty of prior experience.

AMOG’s foundation was the offshore oil and gas sector and, since 1991, the company has worked with top tier global companies; owners and operators alike.

From economic and field modelling and architecture, through to detailed design and analysis (including specialised areas such as moorings, pipelines and cables, and risers), AMOG can apply engineering discipline around project management, installation supervision, integrity management, and safety assessments.