SIAFEM is a finite element analysis post-processing software developed to calculate strength and fatigue utilisations of fabricated steel structures to structural design codes.

It accesses and post-processes STRAND7 finite element analysis stress results and allows utilisations for both strength and fatigue calculations to be visualised in STRAND7. It employs a graphical user interface (GUI) that runs in a Windows environment.

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Figure - SIAFEMStressOutput Figure - Suction Anchor SIAFEM Utilisations

The software has been developed to meet the requirements of AMOG Consulting for conducting structural audits and developing designs of fabricated structures in respect to strength and fatigue in both the marine and mining sectors.

The software is under continual development with additional functionality being implemented subject to both user and AMOG requirements.

The general capabilities of SIAFEM are summarised as follows:

  • Employs both GUI and direct input file interface for set-up and execution of analyses.
  • Assess both parent metal and weld structural integrity.
  • Supports assessment of STRAND7 shell element finite element models.
  • Conduct fatigue performance checks to AS4100, AWS, ABS and DNV codes.
  • Produces output which can be viewed as colour contours on STRAND7 finite element models.
  • Produce text output of stresses, stress cycle data, fatigue damage and utilisations.
  • Software support by e-mail.