The AMOG team of consulting engineers, project managers and technicians has been solving big problems for 25 years.

From our early days as the Australian Marine and Offshore Group in Melbourne, Australia, we have grown into a global network, evolving our capability and resources to meet increasing demand from a range of industries, government and enterprises.

Our reputation is well-earned – thriving in extreme environments, thinking holistically, working smarter and generating change.

From the beginning, our approach was to own problems and deliver leading solutions. It still is.

Today, AMOG is predominantly based in Melbourne, Australia, with offices in Perth and Adelaide. Our American headquarters is in Houston, Texas, and we have offices in Bogota, Colombia, and in the UK (London).

The AMOG Group of companies, under AMOG Holdings Pty. Ltd, consists of:

  • AMOG Pty. Ltd. (AMOG Consulting)
  • AMOG Consulting Inc. (USA)
  • AMOG Consulting SAS (Colombia)
  • AMOG Consulting Ltd. (UK)
  • AMOG Ventures Pty. Ltd.
  • AMOG Technologies Pty. Ltd.
  • Mooring System Solutions (MoorSure) is a joint venture with Offspring International Limited (OIL)


AMOG stands for "Australian Marine and Offshore Group," which describes our founding areas of engineering expertise and the organisation's understandably Australian focus when it first started trading.

Formed in 1991, AMOG's 5 founding Principals were; Dr. Andrew Potts, Prof. John Hinwood, Prof. Paul Grundy, Prof. Rob Melchers, and Mr. Malcom Rowe. The founding principle of AMOG was to provide leading engineering solutions, predominantly to the marine and offshore sector.

Since then, the company has extended its service offerings to include: infrastructure support (both on and offshore); mining; transport (rail and tunnel); systems/process safety and risk engineering; defence; and engineering software.

In parallel, over the last 10 years in particular, the organisation has grown geographically, opening offices in Perth, Australia (1997), Houston, Texas (2006), Bogotá, Colombia (2013), and establishing a presence in London, UK, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the last few years.

In 2011, to celebrate the company's 20th year, AMOG undertook a major rebranding exercise to better reflect the company's global network and diverse services, building on the success of the AMOG brand.

AMOG continues to be a leading organisation, committed to investing ints people, and in research and development, so that we may continue to provide industry0-leading engineering services to our clients.


AMOG Board of Directors 1995-2001 (from L to R) Dr Paul Sincock, Prof Andrew Potts, Prof Jon Hinwood, Prof Paul Grundy, and Prof Robert Melchers